Das Unwahrscheinliche

Website of Julian Steinwachs

I am Julian Steinwachs. Currently I'm working on my Ph.D. thesis about tumor cell migration in three-dimensional environments such as collagen gels. As part of this thesis I'm developing a software that is capable of reconstruction cellular forces from matrix displacement fields that can be recorded microscopically.

Besides my thesis I try to contribute to open source projects that help to re-decentralize the web, like ownCloud, Diaspora, Tent and Twister. I think that a more decentralized web with a fragmented code base that is glued together by open standards, if done correctly, is more robust and ultimately more secure against malicious attacks due to the absence of a single point of failure. The road to such a web, however, is long and full of pitfalls.

Also, I like to develop on my own, mostly in PHP and Javascript. I wrote a very flexible and lightweight CMS called KakauCMS, which has a NoSQL database built in. A second project that I did is a web application that hosts conversations in a blog type format called Waka. It is meant to optimize asynchronous communication of a small team on a specific topic/project. And the third project that is published is an expenses and debt database called AJExpenditor, to optimize the running costs of a small household.

When I'm on the go or on vacations I like to take artistic HDR landscape pictures, mostly with my phone camera.